Parquet Floor Sanding Hertfordshire

Floor Sanding Hertfordshire are experts at parquet floor sanding. We have invested in the latest dust free floor sanding machines and specialist parquet floor finishing sanders to achieve the absolute best finish to your wooden floor.

Parquet flooring is one of the nicest types of wood flooring due to the patterns you can make from the blocks. Parquet Floor Sanding Hertfordshire can restore and help maintain your wooden floors so that they can last a life time.

Why Is Parquet Floor Sanding Required?

Parquet floor sanding is required if you have a dull or damaged parquet floor. It is possible to repair loose and damaged blocks before the floor sanding starts. Parquet floor sanding will remove the top layer of the wood to unveil a new beautiful layer of wood that can be oiled or lacquered to give the appearance of a new floor.

Sanding a parquet floor is a cost effective way of getting a new look to any room. When sanding any wood flooring, the finish will normally be lighter than before the sanding was started.

Different Types Of Parquet Flooring

There are a number of different types of parquet flooring from the species of wood to the design of the blocks. The different designs are normally herringbone and finger parquet. There is a number of different species used for parquet flooring, but the main types are oak and teak parquet flooring.

Parquet floor sanding Hertfordshire is needed if you have a dull or damaged parquet floor that is in need of new life.